Two looks at farmers using a new tool for herding sheep: drones

Maja Burry and Simon Rogers of Radio New Zealand reported on March 7th about farmers in New Zealand using drones to marshal sheep. This isn’t necessarily a new development for  drones, as the BBC reported on a farmer in Ireland doing this back in 2015.  What is different is that these most recent drones bark like dogs: the DJI Mavic Enterprise, can record sounds and play them over a speaker – allowing a dog’s bark, or other noises, to be loudly projected across a paddock.

BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme reported on this use again this morning. Dozens of British sheep farmers are now apparently using drones too,  not just to herd sheep but to check the state of boundary walls. British sheep seem more savvy than New Zealand ones and, after initial curiosity, are ignoring drones now: good news for the dogs.

If you want to listen again, it’s on at 01:47:00.