Reporting Form

There are more and more instances of UAVs being used in breach of the CAA guidelines, however ARPAS-UK is here to promote the safe application of UAV industry and not to police it.

If you have concerns regarding a specific UAV operation in the first instance we would suggest that the latest list of UAS Operators with CAA Permission for Commercial Operations is consulted. A link to the latest list can be found on the CAA website here.

(Please note that this list is not 100% accurate as it is only updated every 2-3 months.)

It should also be noted that although you may not have permission to conduct commercial operations in certain circumstances, for example within 50 metres in a congested area or at night, some operators may have additional permissions and controls in place.

The CAA has a dedicated email address for concerns to be sent to. The email address is

You may also complete an Alleged Breach of Air Navigation Legislation Form FCS1520 online Click here