All Party Parlimentary Group on Drones

January 29, 2019

Graham Brown, CEO and Anne-Lise Scaillierez, Director of ARPAS-UK had the honour to attend the All Party Parliamentary Group for Drones meeting in the Palace of Westminster on January 29.

Elaine Whyte, UK Drones Leader at PwC, Dr Yoge Patel, CEO at Blue Bear Systems Research Ltd and WO2 Simon Barker, Royal Artillery Trials & Development Unit, RATDU were guest speakers at the event.

With the upcoming review of UK strategy and priorities in Aviation in mind, it is a source of great satisfaction to attest that highly knowledgeable and influential people are supporting the drone industry, among MPs, government officials and industry players.

One of the main challenges to industry growth is certainly social acceptance. The Gatwick incident did not help in that regard. But showcasing the many use cases demonstrating the benefits of drones, as well as demonstrating high standard of professionalism of pilots and operators such as those adhering to ARPAS and its Code of Conduct, can support a more balanced perception.

The UK has been a pioneering country in aviation and it has all the assets and skills to succeed in the future of unmanned aviation!