Army Launches Biggest Tech-Driven Exercise

The Army is set to conduct its biggest ever exercise involving drones, robots and unmanned vehicles in a bid to reduce dangers to personnel in combat.

General Mark Carleton-Smith, the new Chief of the General Staff (CGS), is expected to unveil plans for troops to begin testing prototype drones and unmanned cargo vehicles at an address at a warfare think tank conference in London.

Autonomous Warrior will take place in November, with a battlegroup from 1 Armoured Infantry Brigade providing the troops, and executing command and control.

During the four-week exercise, troops will test and evaluate the effectiveness of a range of robotic and autonomous systems on the battlefield, alongside Royal Marines, the RAF and the US Army.

One of the key areas the experiment will test is the last mile resupply – the dangerous final combat zone approach which is crucial to ensuring soldiers have food, fuel and ammunition to keep them alive.

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Published on Forces Network -Wed, 20/06/2018 – 07:21
Image: Autonomous warrior  – credit MoD