ARPAS-UK and the NFRC Improving Safety in the Roofing Industry


A formal memorandum of understanding, the culmination of a year’s work, has been agreed between ARPAS-UK and the UK’s National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC).

In recent years, ARPAS-UK and the NFRC have seen the use of remotely piloted aircraft systems (colloquially known as drones) grow rapidly across the construction industry.
ARPAS-UK and NFRC believe that drones can be used effectively within the roofing industry and that such use can help to make that industry safer.

ARPAS-UK and the NFRC have therefore entered into a partnership to ensure the use of drone technology in the roofing industry is safe and legal.  The two organisations have agreed an exclusive arrangement whereby ARPAS-UK provides a support package to NFRC, including production of a guidance document for NFRC members, and NFRC will promote ARPAS-UK member services to its membership.  It is anticipated that the relationship between ARPAS-UK and NFRC will continue to strengthen as the two organisations work together.

The two trade associations believe that this collaboration will assist in safe and professional operations and growth of both industries and provide benefits to its respective members, the construction industry and the general public.