ARPAS-UK delighted to help H&S in schools
In January 2018, ARPAS-UK were approached by Dave Parry, the Design & Technology Advisor for CLEAPSS, who supports practical science and technology work in schools across England, Wales and NI, looking after 23,500 schools.
Dave had become aware of the practice of drone flying in schools and predicted the need for some specialist Health & Safety documentation for schools. He turned to ARPAS-UK for advice. Rupert Dent, the ARPAS-UK Regulation Director, was delighted to help and the resulting guidance have now been made available to all 23,500 CLEAPSS member schools across England Wales and NI.
The documentation covers Legislation, Drone Specifics, Construction, Pre-flight Checks and Event Management. The final document was put together with help from ARPAS-UK, the BMFA (British Model Flying Assocation), Airgineers, No Fly Drones and the CAA.
Mr Dent is quoted as saying, “Following an approach from Dave Parry at CLEAPSS, I was delighted to contribute to the work he and others have done to provide safety related guidance for science and Design and Technology departments in primary and secondary schools across the country.”
Mr Parry said, “Building and flying drones is exciting  for both pupils and teachers.  CLEAPSS  is keen to promote engaging practical  activities in schools, across both primary and secondary, and is always interested in developing materials that enable schools to embrace new technologies in a safe manner.  CLEAPSS worked with other organisations to produce guidance, so that schools can take part in making and flying drones whilst being aware of the issues that these devices present  Thanks to ARPAS and others for their help in this exciting project.”
ARPAS-UK is extremely pleased to have been involved in this project, which will benefit thousands of young people across the country. We wish them all a safe flight! 

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  • This is a great initiative and will undoubtedly also go some way towards alleviating the public mistrust in drone technology.

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