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ARPAS-UK: Legislation and Regulation Working Group

The re-constituted Legislation and Regulation Working Group, led by Andy Houston, met for the first time on 7th December. It will be moving ahead in 2 areas – the first to look at incumbent regulations and “grey areas” with an intention to construct an informative document to guide and protect the ARPAS-UK membership. The aim would be to have the document endorsed by the CAA. The second area is to look at future regulations and the impact on our members. The next meeting of the group is scheduled for February 2017.

2 thoughts on “ARPAS-UK: Legislation and Regulation Working Group”

    1. We are hoping to have a working document at the first meeting (january) and then get it finalised soon after.
      we can hope the CAA will 1) endorse it and 2) do so in a timely manner. There would be little point in releasing any document without this endorsement as it just becomes another interpretation.

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