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ARPAS-UK Response to US Court of Appeal FAA Registration Ruling.

ARPAS-UK Response to US Court of Appeal FAA Registration Ruling.

ARPAS-UK has concern about the recent issues in the USA regarding registration of model aircraft, and is anxious that a similar situation is avoided in the UK. (Ruling HERE).

We have already made clear that we believe that registration requirements should not apply for certain owners of model aircraft below 20kg in weight. We wholeheartedly agree that long-standing model flying club members pose a lower risk, especially when operations are at established, recognised sites.

However, we believe that caution and care must be exercised in the implementation of any such differential registration requirements, so that it does not become a loophole in a process that can be exploited.

A key issue to be addressed is how model aircraft operations can be defined and therefore differentiated from Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA). In the recent EASA Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA), the complexity of the definition and differentiation is recognised.

ARPAS-UK therefore believes that SUA and model aircraft communities should work alongside on their responses to the EASA NPA in this regard, to ensure these are robust and well thought through to ensure that the UK and Europe avoid the challenges currently being faced in the US.

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