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ARPAS-UK Supports the Safe Use of Drones in the UK

ARPAS-UK Supports the Safe Use of Drones in the UK

ARPAS-UK welcomes the Department for Transport’s publication released on 22nd July 2017, and is pleased to have participated in the consultation process directly, with its own response and consolidated members’ views, as well as through its membership of the UK Drone Industry Action Group.  ARPAS-UK believes that the report address the major issues facing the industry currently.

ARPAS-UK Chairman, Perran Bonner said: “ARPAS-UK welcomes this report and supports Government action which improves safety and security and enables our industry to continue to successfully compete in a global marketplace. “

ARPAS-UK recognises that the increasing volume of drone activity in the UK and globally, both commercially and for leisure, will require a different operational framework to maintain safe operations, and this report addresses the wide range of measures required.

The Association supports the concept of mandatory drone registration and training, but urges a light touch process, as any costly, complex or time-consuming process could have significant negative economic impact both the retail and commercial sectors.

One aspect of the Department for Transport’s report considers drone pilot competency, training and licensing.  ARPAS-UK feels that there is an urgent need for the development of competency and other standards in the commercial sector, and is already taking action to help achieve this, through co-ordination of the development of voluntary standards.

Read Full Government response HERE

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  1. I welcome the effort and work from ARPAS-UK in their proactive measures regarding necessary regulations towards a framework of standards that will continue to support commercial UAV pilots to develop healthy businesses and promote technological developments in what will be a multi billion pound industry.

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