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Continuous Professional Development

ARPAS-UK is a non-profit trade association with approx. 500 members. We are facilitating the continuous professionalisation of the RPAS industry by preparing to offer a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) platform through our website to our members.

We are looking for a company (not individual) to help implement a technical solution with us.

We have requirements for a system and have tested this with our members we now require help with  identification of the correct system/plugin (CPD provision) and implementation.

  • Be or/Identify a CPD platform provider
  • Set up ARPAS-UK on platform
  • Work with web developers to implement platform
  • Write procedures
  • Ongoing system support (Desirable)

If you are interested in tendering, please submit your initial interest, including brief credentials and success history to A tender process will follow in November.

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