Drones and Aerodromes: Threats and Opportunities

4th March 2019


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  • Mark Blois-Brooke, Chief Pilot, TAG Aviation UK & Malta
  • Ed De Reyes, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder, Sabrewing Aircraft Company
  • Matthew Day, Director, Hayward Aviation
  • John Drysdale, Business Development Manager for the International Aviation Services Centre, Shannon Group
  • Robert Garbett, Chief Executive, Drone Major Group
  • Jim Gibson, Managing Director, Tethered Drone Systems
  • Richard Gill, Founder & CEO, Drone Defence
  • Michael Hulme, Director, Surrey Visuals
  • Giles Kavanagh, Partner and Global Head of Aerospace, HFW
  • Dominic Kelly, Managing Director and Founder, CBRNE and DroneOps
  • Damon Knight, Head of Air Traffic Services, Southend Airport
  • Patrick JG Margetson-Rushmore, Chief Executive, Luxaviation United Kingdom
  • Prof. Anna Masutti, Senior Partner, LS Lexjus Sinacta
  • Capt. Thomas Mildenberger, Technical Expert ADO and UAS Matters, European Cockpit Association
  • Filippo Tomasello, Senior Partner, EuroUSC Italia
  • Avner (Nery) Yarkoni, Adv.
  • The arrival of drones: A challenge for the safety regulators
  • Drones: A disruptive innovation for aviation?
  • The operators’ concerns
  • The airports’ perspective
  • Social benefits and concerns in the use of drones
  • Insuring drone risk
  • Liability issues
  • Safety and security regulations