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EASA NPA Response Poll

EASA NPA Response Poll

We are working hard to ensure we are representing our members in our response to the EASA consultation on the new European regulations and the forthcoming workshop on July 5th in Cologne on the topic.

We would very much appreciate it if you could complete a short survey of only 16 questions, which will help ARPAS-UK to form an overall member view.  It should only take you 30 seconds. This is a really important survey and a chance to influence regulation, which will have a direct influence on UK operations. As we want to hear only from our members, please check your email, the Facebook group or the LinkedIn group for the link to the survey.


UPDATE: Tuesday 27th June: We have had over 100 responses, but would love some more. It’s been pointed out that some members may have not been able to complete it, as the system was asking for a googlemail account. This has been modified so that everyone can respond now, so if you haven’t, please do so, and if you have already – thank you!

Please do so by Wednesday June 28th, to give us time to analyse your responses.  The more responses (only 1 per person obviously), the better picture we gain. All responses will be kept anonymous and no names will appear on any documents or be mentioned in discussions. Thank you.


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