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European Regulations for Unmanned Aircraft (Drones) Urgent Message from CAA

European Regulations for Unmanned Aircraft (Drones) Urgent Message from CAA

Following the June meeting with the CAA, ARPAS-UK members have been asked to act on the following request.

Please address your responses to EASA only. You can submit comments online HERE .

Link to CAA’s Notes : HERE

Message from CAA:
Dear all,

Some of you will probably be aware that the proposed European Regulations for Unmanned Aircraft (Drones) have now been published for consultation.

As this is a fairly lengthy document, which will affect many people, most of whom are outside the normal ‘aviation regulation umbrella’, I have compiled a guidance document (attached) which is aimed at trying to help you all in deciphering the text so that you are able to respond to the consultation in a more informed manner.  This is based on my additional participation and involvement with EASA on the subject over the past 6-9 months.

I’ve sent this message to as many people/groups that I can think of, but please feel free to send it on to any other friends or colleagues as well.  It will also be on the CAA’s UAS webpages shortly too

Remember that the future regulations for drones will affect us all, therefore it is vital that we all send back our comments in order that our points are properly noted – do not send your comments back to me, or the rest of the CAA – you must respond to EASA.


Gerry Corbett

CAA – UAS Programme


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