Heads Up: ANO Order 2018 (Amendments) from /7/2018

Just a reminder that from this coming Monday (30th July), two provisions of the Air Navigation (Amendments) Order 2018 come into effect.

The relevant new provisions affect drone flights within 1km of aerodromes and impose a maximum height allowed for all flights of 400ft from the earth’s surface.

The CAA have published a simplified verson of the changes here: http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/docs/33/CAP1687-SUAANOAmendmentOrder-3.pdf

Articles 94A and 94B focus on the two changes which come into effect on Monday, so pay special attention to these. If any upcoming flights fall into these categories, make sure you understand the laws before you take-off!

Remember: Fly Smart, Fly Safe

The ARPAS-UK Committee