Important CAA Information for ARPAS-UK Members

During our most recent discussions with the Civil Aviation Authority we addressed concerns related to the turn around time of PfCO renewal applications and requests for OSC, as reported by our members.

Upon discussion it was noted that there had been some challenges due to resourcing, however the capacity of the shared service team at Gatwick is in the process of being increased, funded by the proposed by the £0.5m increase in charges from 2018/19.

With current training and development of new staff, the time taken to turnaround submissions is in the process of being reduced. We have in turn been asked to reiterate to all applicants that every request is thoroughly checked prior to submission to the CAA.

A major contributor of longer turn around times is incomplete or inaccurate applications.  All members are therefore encouraged to be diligent when making their applications.

All four members of the ARPAS-UK board that attended were extremely encouraged by the feedback from the CAA on operational requirements and matters relating to industry development.

As the regulator the CAA would appear well aligned with government policy on setting an appropriate safety framework to enable the commercial UAV sector within the united kingdom to develop.

Perran Bonner