Drone IAG

The Drone IAG is made up of the UK Government’s BEIS Deparment (Business, Enterprise and Industrial Strategy).   It was established in October 2016 with an aim to support and shape the business environment facing companies in this sector.  ARPAS-UK has been involved with the Drone IAG from the very beginning.

The ARPAS-UK CEO and Standards Director sit on the DIAG and lead the DIAG’s standards group. Please contact graham.brown@arpas.uk or james.dunthorne@arpas.uk if there are any matters you would like to raise at the next meeting.

Stakeholders include: regulators, government departments, universities, and private industry.

Activities/Topics under discussion include: UTM, BVLOS, airspace development and funding opportunities for SMEs.


This is the page where the Drone Industry Action Group (Drone IAG) publishes its Minutes and other information/products.

Drone IAG Minutes

June 2018 – 20180612 DIAG Minutes.docx

September 2018 – 20180912-DIAG-Minutes-BEIS-CC &  IAG 5 MW_FINAL_PRESENTED