Reference Title
AMSL Above Mean Sea Level
ANO Air Navigation Order
ARPAS-UK Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems UK
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATZ Air Traffic Zone
BVLOS Beyond Visual Line of Sight
BMFA British Model Flying Association
BNUC-S Basic National Unmanned Aircraft Certificate (Euro UAS NQE)
CAA Civil Aviation Authority (UK)
CAP Civil Aviation Publication
ELOS Extended Line of Sight
FPV Frist Person View
iOSD Intelligent On Screen Display
MOAT Maximum Outside Air Temperature
MOR Mandatory Occurrence Reports
MTOM Maximum Take Off Mass
NAA National Aviation Authority
NQE CAA National Qualified Entity
PIC Pilot In Command
PfCO Permission for Commercial Operations
RPAS Remotely Piloted Aircraft System
RPQs Remote Pilot Qualification (Resource Group NQE)
SUA Small Unmanned Aircraft