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ARPAS-UK has seen dramatic growth since its inception, from a membership of less than 50 members in 2014 to the vibrant recognised professional body that it is today.

Membership is open to:

  • Companies of 1-3 people who may hold PfCOs and those that are seeking accreditation.
  • Companies of 4-9 people who may hold PfCOs and are associated with the operation, manufacture or design of RPAS or components.
  • Companies of 10+ people who may hold PfCOs and are associated with the operation, manufacture or design of RPAS or components.

With the above memberships, your company will be displayed on the ‘Find an ARPAS Operator’ page once you have submitted your PfCO to the admin team.

  • Ordinary (non-operators): Individual membership is open to non-operators who are working in the industry but are unable to take advantage of any partner discounts. This level can also be nominated to join the committee. (Individual members will not be displayed on the ‘Find an ARPAS Operator’ page.)
  • Academic Institutions: ARPAS-UK has a strong and active academic membership, currently led by Loughborough University.
  • Students: (Proof of student status is required. If no proof has been provided within 14 days, membership will be revoked and no refund given). Student membership is open to any student in University or Further Education. Proof of status is required. No refund will be given if proof is not submitted. This can be in the form of a current Union card or a copy of a course acceptance letter with start date. This level is not open to those already enrolled on or wishing to enrol on NQE training courses to become PfCO holders. Unrestricted access to all areas of the website including the forum and reference library. This level can also be nominated to join the committee. Students can also supply content and feature in the monthly newsletter.

We now also offer a FREE Subscription to our Newsletter – you will receive our monthly e-newsletter along with alerts and information we feel would be beneficial to you.

All membership subscriptions are non-refundable.

Please ensure when you join that the web address is preceeded by https:// for security.

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£180.00 every year

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