Referral Scheme

Referral Scheme

Being a member of ARPAS, you know the benefits of our membership so why not spread the message and get paid to do so by joining our referral scheme.


Over the years we have recognised that members join ARPAS through a recommendation from our existing members who know the benefits of ARPAS membership.  So we would now like to thank our Members by introducing a Referral scheme.


As a business creation member, you will be issued a personalised code to share with your friends and fellow business owners who can use the this to join ARPAS.   For every member, you refer and they sign up you will receive 10% of any membership when paid in full, and for every year they are a member of ARPAS you will also receive 10%.  For example: Take our £180.00 p/yr membership you would receive £18.00 every year they are a member.  Refer 100 members you would earn £1,800.00 every year.


If you would like to join or find out more about our referral scheme, please email us at