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Moonrock Insurance CAA Requirement Update

Moonrock Insurance CAA Requirement Update

As one of our ARPAS-UK Membership Benefits discount providers, Moonrock Insurance have provided the following Insurance Update:

Moonrock Insurance CAA Requirement Update.

 You would have received in the last 24 hours an email from the CAA with subject matter Urgent Communication, relating to insurance requirements and specifically EC Regulation No. 785/2004.

Moonrock Insurance confirms that ALL its policies are entirely compliant with the minimum requirements laid down by the CAA.

We now issue a Drones Liability Certificate automatically with each annual policy which states clearly that the said policy is compliant with EC785/2004. This document has been approved by the CAA and saves the need for you to fill out the PDF form that accompanied their email. Simply attach this certificate along with your Ops Manual so that the CAA can confirm that you have fulfilled its insurance requirements.

For those customers who purchased prior to the automatic generation of these certificates, please contact us, and we will send you the certificate at that point.

Best Regards,

Simon Ritterband

Managing Director

Moonrock Insurance

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