New CAA on Air Podcast launched January 2020

The CAA’s Assistant Director of Corporate Communications launched the “CAA On Air” podcast on January 8th 2020.   On Air is a monthly podcast from the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority featuring experts from across the aviation industry.


Each month, you’ll hear how our Innovation team is working with organisations to support new aviation related products and services. We’ll also bring you interviews and updates relating to drones and recreational flying.


About this episode

In Episode 1 UK CAA Director Jonathan Nicholson speaks to Innovation Strategy Lead David Tait to find out how his team is working with organisations to support innovations and new products coming to the UK aviation market.


We also hear from Rachel Gardner-Poole, Head of the General Aviation Unit about how the CAA is working with organisations like the British Microlight Aircraft Association to delegate licensing and approval responsibilities where appropriate.


In the final section of this episode, UAS Sector Lead Andy Hamilton explains how drone users can stay up to date with the latest safety guidance.

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