New entrant to the CAA Innovation Sandbox: Flylogix

Flylogix have been selected to join the CAA’s Innovation Sandbox. They will be working alongside Total, NATS and the Oil & Gas Technology Centre.

They aim to drive forward the safe operation involving BVLOS within the Offshore Oil and Gas Sector.

It will allow them to mobilise their UAVs at short notice to launch from their UK operating hubs to reach any UK offshore asset within hours, providing a range of services to the offshore energy sector including environmental monitoring, surveillance and delivery. Their track record and recent experience place them in an ideal position to do so.

Last autumn they took part in BVLOS operations in the North Sea involving finding and tracking a vessel, potentially very useful in Search and Rescue Scenarios, as well as a record breaking 185km methane detecting flight.


185km UAV Flight

The drone circled the Clair platform at a radius of 550 metres for 90 minutes, travelling for a total of more than 185 km, significantly beating the previous record of 100 km. The pre-programmed drone, once airborne, managed itself autonomously. Throughout the flight, the RPAS live-streamed valuable data collected by the methane sensor.

Ariel Flores, North Sea regional president, said: “Improving our knowledge, understanding and performance by testing new technologies and working closely with suppliers is central to the North Sea’s carbon reduction plan, which aims to limit greenhouse emissions in our North Sea business.

This pilot project represents a significant step forward in our ability to do that.”

Following the successful results, the specialist drone will be deployed to all of BP’s North Sea assets in 2020, including ETAP and Glen Lyon.

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Cross Channel BVLOS

British technology and aviation business, Flylogix, completed a series of UAV operations in the Solent and Channel to provide live video of National Grid’s Interconnexion France-Angleterre 2 (IFA2) cable installation to help coordinate maritime response to threats to the cable. Flylogix safely conducted the beyond line of sight operations in a broad range of weather conditions in one of the most congested marine and aviation areas in the UK.

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On the CAA’s Innovation Sandbox

Charles Tavner, executive chairman at Flylogix, said: “We are delighted to be working with the CAA to reduce the cost, risk and environmental impact of providing unmanned aviation services to the offshore energy sector. We are determined to use our hard-fought operational experience to trailblaze growth in this new category of full-service over horizon aviation services.”

While Frédéric Laugère, Innovation Services Lead at the Civil Aviation Authority, said: “Using unmanned aircraft to assist the offshore energy industry is a perfect use for the technology and one that we are keen to see develop. We are delighted to welcome Flylogix to our innovation sandbox to enable us to work together on this area which has the potential to deliver key benefits to a vital part of the UK’s energy infrastructure.”


11th May 2020