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Blueberry Goose Ltd T/As SendCake Films logo

Company Name Blueberry Goose Ltd T/As SendCake Films


Location South East

Services Aerial Cinematography, Aerial Photography/video, Aerial Surveying/Mapping, Agriculture Inspection, Consulting / Training, Industrial Inspection, Live events

About SendCake films holds PfCo (Permission for Commercial Operation) from the CAA and a minimum £5M pound public liability insurance from a Lloyds of London Insurance Company. With all the drone work we do our core objective is to give you video and photographs you will be proud of, whilst operating at a risk level that is as low as reasonably possible. There are a lot of laws and regulations about this, which it is our job to know, so that you can relax in the knowledge we will provide a fantastic service and first class work, all while being safe, legal and insured.



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