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  • Aerial Cinematography
  • Aerial Photography or Video
  • Aerial Surveying or Mapping
  • Agriculture Inspection
  • Industrial Inspection
Operator Details

3dMB founder Marcus Blatchford has a long history in Media with more than 10 years’ experience working in Film, TV & Live Events. Marcus has also become widely known and published in underwater photography, video and photogrammetry. After a diving incident put into question his future underwater work, Marcus decided to use the knowledge gained in the very challenging underwater world and take to the sky. Using high spec equipment, 3dMB are able to offer innovated full aerial, land and some underwater based media services with professional and sharp images. 3dMB owns all of its own processing hardware and software so are able to offer value added over companies offering third party cloud based options. 3dMB currently uses DJI aerial platforms from the most upto date Phantom and Inspire range. Their cameras offer very sharp 4k UHD video and high resolution photographs, mixed with the stable platforms they offer the best results.

HQ Location

sn25 2eu