RAF Shawbury appeal to local drone flyers for cooperation in Low Flying Areas

RAF Shawbury posted the following on Facebook. ARPAS-UK agrees and further notes that the Low Flying Booking cell is 0800 515544 for reference.


Due to the recent flooding there has been a noticeable increase in drone activity in Shropshire and the surrounding areas. Our Shropshire neighbours are capturing images and filming the extent of the flooding from the air to record what is hopefully a once-in-a-generation event and understandably so. We have seen the results of such activity across all media channels. Drones are an amazing piece of technology that have an enormous potential for fun and we encourage their safe use but, did you know, drone operators have a legal responsibility to other aircraft and members of the public?

Shropshire and the borders of adjacent counties are part of the UK Military Low Flying Area (LFA) 9, a dedicated user area for military helicopter training. In this area there is significant low-level helicopter activity, often down to ground level and it continues despite the flooding. As a result, users of drones need to be especially vigilant if flying in this area and be prepared to land their drones at the first indication of any manned aircraft flying nearby.

Our Station Flight Safety Officer has created a leaflet on guidance to best practice when operating a drone within LFA 9, available here.  This should be read in conjunction with the Drone Code available here.

Drone operators are also encouraged to notify RAF Shawbury Operations if they are planning to fly their drone in LFA 9, so that our crews can be made aware. RAF Shawbury Operations can be contacted on 01939 250 351 Extension: 7221.

Your cooperation is really appreciated and we wish you happy flying!