Safer Drones Courses

Devon and Cornwall Police and Dorset Police are excited to announce that they are now running drone awareness sessions for members of the public.

The session is a 3 hour classroom based input from serving police officers, who are current drone operators within the police.

The aim is to make you a safer and more responsible drone pilot by giving you some basic knowledge and understanding around your responsibilities, current legislation and considerations around privacy. This also gives you the opportunity to interact with experienced police drone pilots and although there is no flight training, they will be sharing some practical tips that they’ve learnt from their years of flying drones.

The sessions will be run throughout the year at a number of different venues around the three counties. They are aimed at anyone who uses drones or is thinking about buying one in the future.

Devon and Cornwall Police and Dorset Police are the first police force in the UK to offer sessions like this and with new legislation on the horizon this is an ideal opportunity to become a pilot who stays legal and safe when flying drones.



A course to understand how to fly your drone safely, legally and responsibly.

The topics covered include:

  • the law
  • pilot responsibilities
  • privacy
  • the drone code
  • and more

You will also get the opportunity to speak to police drone operators.

£20.00 for a 3 hour course, including refreshments and a certifcate

Minimum age 14 (under 16’s need to be accompanied by an adult but only the child pays)

Devon and Cornwall when where

Dorset when where

  • 10am – 1pm 16th December 2018 – Winfrith
  • 10am – 1pm 14th October 2018 – Ferdonw
  • 10am – 1pm 13th January 2019 – Ferdonw

For more information, follow this link