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SAR workshop at RNLI

Sue Wolfe - Business Development

RNLI and MCA are in the process of mapping the technologies and processes required for SAR from 2020 as part of one of the UK Government’s Pathfinder programmes.  The first stage was mapping communications requirements, and a 2-day workshop last summer resulted in a detailed report Exploring the Future of Search and Rescue Communication and “Calling for Help”.  Please see report here

The second stage is developing a roadmap for Exploiting the 3rd Dimension for SAR.  A very constructive 2-day workshop was held on 11th & 12th January 2017, looking at this topic, including drones, surface vessels, manned aircraft, satellite technology etc, and where these tools should be integrated.  BVLOS operations was a key topic ad included the work of AIRSTART.  A full report of the outcomes of the workshop will be published by RNLI.

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