Skyports and Flock open up the skies for safe, fully-insured Drone Deliveries

2019 has been a good year for drone deliveries. Zipline has made over 10,000 drop offs of medical supplies in Rwanda, UPS gained FAA approval to operate a drone airline and now, Flock is working with Skyports to help safe and fully-insured global drone deliveries really take off.

Today we’re excited to announce we’re working with Skyports, to deliver a custom insurance programme for drone delivery, one that evolves as the company moves from testing in the UK, Belgium, Sweden and Finland all the way to widespread commercial use.

This news follows the launch of Flock Enterprise, our insurance offering tailored for the world’s largest drone fleets. To date we’ve insured over 3,000 commercial drone businesses with that number growing daily.

Flock’s CEO, Ed Leon Klinger commented:

“Skyports is one of the truly groundbreaking companies reinventing the future of urban mobility. Our unique approach to real-time insurance will enable them to capitalise on granular risk insights to proactively mitigate flight risks, improve safety standards across their fleets, and reduce their insurance premiums.

“Flock Enterprise enables large drone companies to undertake increasingly complex flights and operations, from oil and gas inspections to autonomous package delivery. We’re proud that our technology is opening up the world’s airspace and accelerating growth of the industry.”

Skyports has operations in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia and has already agreed rooftop licenses for vertiports on 15 sites in London so far. They believe that drone flights from vertiports will be a regular occurrence in London as soon as 2021, with medical delivery services likely to be the first to market and passenger flights soon after.

On the partnership, Duncan Walker, Managing Director of Skyports added:

“Skyports philosophy is to partner with companies early on to ensure we meet our customers’ needs and Flock provides this service for us. We have big plans to expand our global drone delivery operations and vertiport infrastructure offering and our tailored insurance cover with Flock ensures we do this safely whilst keeping costs low for our customers.”

Our recent whitepaper into the emergence of exposure-based insurance for the drone industry reports that an increase in commercial activity will be the major driver in drones becoming a $100 billion market globally by 2020. The Skyports partnership signifies this shift is already underway and provides a glimpse into the future of urban mobility.

By Sam Golden

for Flock

October 17 2019