Swoop Aero runs multiple drone vaccine deliveries on Epi Island on Vanuatur

Recently Swoop Aero ran 10 on-demand flights in a week for the nurses on Epi island in Vanuatu. A large number of these flights were between the medical hub in Vaemali, in the islands northern tip, and Port Quimie, in the Southeast of the island (the flight path is pictured below).

Why so many between these locations?

A couple of reasons; Firstly, the Pt Quimie nurse needed to undertake a large number of vaccines in Pt Quimie and the surrounding communities – these vaccines are only stored in Vaemali. Swoop delivered them on-demand and under cold chain conditions. Secondly, the whole island was running dangerously low on medical supplies. Vaemali and Pt Quimie are two of the biggest health centers on the island.

The nurses were able to coordinate and send supplies back and forth, based on the immediate demands of the patients at both Pt Quimie and Vaemali as well as onwards to other aid posts across the island. Swoop Aero’s ability to vertically takeoff and land meant the nurses could send supplies out AND receive them in – enabling the immediate health needs of the patients on the island to be met.

Community engagement is key to adoption of new technology, and no group is too big or small. Swoop Aero have visited 25 villages across 8 islands in Vanuatu, met with communities, spoken to schools, and listened to the people to ensure everyone knows that when they see a Swoop Aero drone overhead, help is on the way

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