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Transport Committee Inquiry into Civilian Drones

“The Transport Committee has launched an inquiry into civilian drones; drones inquiry launch. . The aim of the inquiry is to consider how the benefits of drone technology can be maximised within a robust safety framework. ARPAS-UK will be responding to the call for written submissions of evidence, deadline 29th May 2017. It also encourages its members to prepare written submissions to the Committee.

The Committee is particularly interested in receiving submissions addressing some or all of the following:

  • The safety and security risks posed by drones, particularly to manned aircraft
  • The role of technology in enabling safe and sustainable growth in the civilian drones sector
  • The likely effectiveness of key government proposals in its recent consultation, including pilot training and the proposed online registration scheme
  • The current enforcement arrangements for misuse of drones in the UK
  • Insurance issues and actions needed to create a viable market for drones insurance
  • The economic growth potential of the drones industry in the UK and the Government’s role in enabling that growth

Note: The Transport Committee examines the expenditure, administration and policy of the Department for Transport and its associated public bodies.

ARPAS-UK has previously submitted both written and verbal evidence on the civilian use of drones in the EU to the House of Lords European Union Committee.”

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