ARPAS-UK is a trade association run by the members for the members

We are a non profit organisation which means that your membership fees go where they should: to help develop the industry and to provide credible representation to the various authorities that govern the industry.

ARPAS-UK works closely with various authorities such as the Civil Aviation Authority and the Department for Transport and through our membership we represent the industry as a whole. This gives us credibility and a genuine ability to influence how our working environment develops, something that could not be achieved by individual businesses working alone.

Latest News From ARPAS

New Paper on Poacher Detection with Drones

Leonard Hambrecht led a new paper on detecting poachers with drones carrying a thermal imaging camera. The paper titled “Detecting ‘poachers’ with drones: Factors influencing the probability of detection with TIR and RGB imaging in miombo w

Thermal Infrared Imaging from Drones Offers a Major Advance for Spider Monkey Surveys

Denise Spaan led a new paper on how drones equipped with a thermal imaging camera can facilitate counting spider monkeys. Accurate and precise population estimates form the basis of conservation action, but are lacking for many arboreal species

Intelligent Energy leads UAV fuel cell power market with launch of 2.4kW module

Extends product portfolio to offer a flight duration of over five times that compared to batteries Provides reliable solution for powering heavier and larger UAVs with higher payloads Loughborough, Tuesday 16 April – Intelligent Energy is to

What do drones and GPS owe to a 1744 shipwreck?

Image copyrightALAMY On 5 October 1744, a storm was brewing in the English Channel. With sails set for home after chasing a French fleet off the coast of Portugal, a squadron of British warships was in trouble. The lead ship HMS Victory sank 100m t