UAV Operator Insurance

ARPAS-UK believes it is in the interest of all Members, Operators and Stakeholders within this industry to hold suitable and valid insurance for their operations. All ARPAS-UK members are required to hold Public Liability insurance as a minimum.

ARPAS-UK recognises that in a developing industry, there can be confusion in ensuring that you hold sufficient insurance and legal cover. As such the Association has been in consultation with a number of key insurance providers to better assess their cover and capability.

Key considerations when choosing your policy:

  • Public Liability – EC 785/2004 requires a minimum cover of £700,000 by law.
  • Employee Liability Cover – If your company employs persons to undertake work it is a legal requirement to hold valid insurance for their work.
  • Professional Indemnity – If you provide data and expertise upon which a client relies to undertake or commission work it is advisable to purchase cover against errors and miscalculations.
  • Hull Loss Cover – This is an aviation specialty which covers the value of the aircraft whilst in operation. This is of particular interest when operating high value payloads and over unrecoverable terrain.
  • Goods in Transit Cover – Most policies do not cover the transport of equipment and goods – travelling by air requires such a product.
  • Overseas Cover – Extension of Insurance cover for your business practices outside of the UK.
  • High-risk Environment Cover – Operations in high value and high risk environments often require careful negotiation. Many applications for SUA are within such sensitive and valuable areas.

ARPAS-UK is currently negotiating with key insurance providers to get best value and cover for our members. We hope an announcement will be forthcoming shortly.