What We Do

ARPAS-UK is the Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.  It is a not for profit trade association and professional body which supports and acts on behalf of the remotely piloted aircraft (RPAS) community, from start-up businesses to larger established operations.  ARPAS-UK members continue to break new ground in markets where RPAS (sometimes referred to as UAVs or drones) are delivering significant benefits.

On behalf of its members, ARPAS-UK works closely with industry regulators, in particular CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), as well as UK Government departments to influence and ensure that the regulatory framework for the safe and professional operation of remotely piloted aircraft is fit for purpose and encourages best practice.

The Association also works with other key stakeholders in the development of national and international RPAS strategies and standards, to the benefit of its members.

The Association works in the public interest, and advocates professionalism within its membership through compliance with an agreed Code of Conduct and the holding of appropriate permissions.  The Association takes progressive stances on national issues to embed the RPAS profession in all end-user industries, to enable it to continue to grow in reputation and influence.