About Us

The Association is run by the members, for the members with no conflicting commercial interests.

The Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems UK (ARPAS-UK) is a non-profit association, formed in 2013, to represent the small RPAS industry in the UK and to help promote best practice amongst its members. ARPAS-UK is the unified voice of our members, pushing for sustainable growth within the RPAS industry in the UK and ensuring that all operators are represented, both with the CAA and other stakeholders.

As well as promoting best practice, the Association also encourages a culture of collaboration and information sharing so that members are better informed and better prepared to make the most from market opportunities. Promoting our members and the standards we set, enables end users to easily identify the best and most appropriate operators to hire for their specific needs.

Since its inception ARPAS-UK has grown to represent the majority of those operating in the commercial UAS industry, across all sectors. Through the hard work of our committee we have developed safety partnerships with the CAA and NATS. We also have working relationships with key stakeholders including BMFA, BALPA, KTN, ACPO, RAeS, and many others, where we actively champion greater co-operation with the membership.

What we stand for

ARPAS-UK is the only non-commercial professional body, solely representing SUA operators and manufacturers in the UK. The Association has no commercial interests; all income is used to further the interests of the membership and to ensure that the industry remains fair, safe and open.

ARPAS-UK – Code of Conduct

The emergence of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) as a resource for a wide variety of public and private applications quite possibly represents one of the most significant advancements to aviation, the scientific community, and public service since the beginning of flight.