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Perran Bonner


Perran has held a variety of commercial and operational roles within the communications and airborne surveillance sectors over the last 19 years. He has extensive experience of working with military and government clients globally. Perran established two successful companies operating unmanned aerial systems before establishing himself as a consultant where he continues to develop new areas of business. Working with UAVs has enabled him to combine his personal interests and entrepreneurial skills to create business value. Since gaining his PfCO he has flown for clients across multiple industries, including managing the largest unmanned survey in the UK covering the entire Norfolk Broads National Park. He has worked closely with the UK Civil Aviation Authority on a number of occasions including establishing NQE status. Perran also has recent experience within the field of counter UAV technology, an area he continues to develop.


Matt Harmsworth

Vice Chairman

Matthew spent ten years as a tree surgeon before selling that business and stepping sideways into consultancy. He took the opportunity to incorporate SUAS into the consultancy as early as 2009 before full integration in 2013 with the founding of ROAVR in the Scottish Highlands. Matthew has worked across the UAS industry as both an operator, ground school instructor flight assessor and consultant. Within ROAVR Matthew has carried out operations as diverse as oil rig inspection to features films. Matthew has a solid interest in aviation and flies light aircraft whenever possible.  He is passionate about SUAS, good quality training and standards and safety.



Rupert Dent

Legislation Director

Rupert co-founded AM-UAS Ltd (now Bridgeway Aerial Ltd) in November 2010 and has been the Managing Director and Accountable manager since.  Bridgeway Aerial Ltd is an RPAS operator with a focus on the railway, solar, environmental and construction sectors.

Previously the Accountable Manager and Managing Director of Air Medical Ltd., the UK’s largest fixed wing air ambulance operator, in his earlier career Rupert was a Director of SBC Warburg and then SG Investment Banking.


Paul Shelley

Education & Safety Director

Paul’s life-long interest in model aircraft and latterly in flying drones led to him founding Aspire Aerial Media Ltd in June 2015 to commercialise the opportunities RPAS offer. He gained his PfCO in May 2016. In his earlier career, Paul was a Principal Solution Architect with SAP (leading global supplier of business systems), working with many senior business stakeholders to improve their profitability. This included all aspects of their business from procurement through manufacturing, fulfilment and logistics to optimising their most important asset: people. In a previous role, he was responsible for the training & development of 3,000 staff. Alongside his professional career, Paul has always tried to ‘put something back’ in to the community. His extensive experience in voluntary work includes a school governor’s role, chairman of a local community association and working with Suffolk University Media faculty introducing students to the use of UAVs in creative media.


Sue Wolfe - Business Development

Sue Wolfe

Business Development & Strategy Director

Sue, a Chartered Engineer, has worked in the RPAS industry for over 13 years, and currently works for ARPAS-UK as Project Manager for Project AIRSTART.  She is also Director of Wolfe Solutions, a technology consulting company.  Previously, Sue worked in Welsh Government and later with Callen-Lenz, a private RPAS operator.   She was responsible for the development of the ParcAberporth UAS Centre in West Wales for several years, and has been involved in a range of major UAS collaborative R&D programmes, from both public and private sector perspectives.  In her earlier career, Sue led a multinational team in the communications industry.   Sue is one of the founder directors of ARPAS-UK.



Zoe Burnet

Treasurer / Financial Director

Zoe has an economics background and has worked for over 15 years in leadership roles in Banking and Financial Services.  Her experience of programme management, engagement with regulators, market data providers and service providers will be invaluable in managing the financials  as well as making sure we maximise funding and benefits of the AIRSTART project for members.



Dylan Baldwin

PR & Marketing Director

Dylan Baldwin, owner/operator of Ikopta, an Aerial film & production company based in sunny Norfolk. When he’s not standing in a muddy field, far from the rest of the crew, coffee & civilisation, Dylan can be found on YouTube, where he has just celebrated his first ‘view’ droning on about errr, drones. Dylan is also a husband, father & registered keeper of a geriatric Golden Retriever with bad wind. He is proud & excited to be representing the members on the 2017 elected ARPAS-UK committee.


Matt Lee

Standards Director

Matt holds a PfCO and also runs an NQE.  Matt also holds a degree in Engineering and is a pilot at one of the UKs largest airlines.  He enjoys the challenges and innovation involved in the emerging RPAS sector and is keen to see the standards and safety culture from commercial aviation mirrored in the unmanned world.


Steve Sadler

Infrastructure & IT Director

Steve owns Intimation Creative which operates Ex Aere Aerial Media as a trading arm of his business to undertake aerial photography and videography primarily for the marketing and promotion of clients’ businesses as part of an extended service. Ex Aere holds a PfCO and Steve is a Heliguy-trained and qualified UAV operator. Steve has senior management roles & directorships within creative agencies and consultancies since 1996. He is an experienced PHP/MySQL developer and is also a proficient Linux systems administrator. In recognition of Steve’s marketing experience, he was elected fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in early 2017.



Bryan Stanislas

Membership Director

Bryan Stanislas M.M.Inst.V, Q.D.J.M has joined the ARPAS-UK Executive team in the role of Membership Officer. Bryan has a diverse background in image capture solutions spanning the last 25 years working in the broadcast TV, movie and corporate industries, specialising in marine and aerial sectors. He brings with him a vast wealth of experience and knowledge for real world imaging processes gained from not just the film and TV industry but also through running his own production company, H2O Films Limited, based in Hampshire, England which specialises in marine based subsurface and aerial filming for broadcast and feature films.

Bryan has a great understanding of membership organisations with experience as an Executive of the Institute of Videography where he took charge of Training, Development and the Assessment Co-ordination of members as well as others over the years.



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